What is Integrative Nutrition?

I have been asked a few times these past months what exactly I am studying, besides telling people how amazing and happy this course has made me feel- I think it is time to put aside the delirium and do a post to explain it all.

First of all, a little about me: I am somebody who does not take diets and therapy issues very seriously. I was bought up by a Chinese-Italian family that taught me that you need to sort out your issues yourself, you must eat to your heart’s content (but not be fat), and lastly, that whoever is trying to teach you how to live your life can definitely go and you-know-what my you-know-where.

However, this all changed very much after I had my first child and moved overseas to somewhere we did not have family and friends. Learning to bring up a child alone is one thing, but being somewhere with no social or family circle was another. I think the story of post-partum speaks for itself, but for those who don’t know- imagine sporadic days of heaven and days of hell in extreme forms (and either can last for seemingly endless amounts of time until the other takes over inevitably). Anyhow, two years down the line, we have survived- and mainly because we were living in a country like Holland which takes care of its population in a militarily wonderful and caring manner.

Holland taught me a lot of things about health and happiness, but no lesson more poignant than that of being independent, self sufficient, and self-believing. Everything in Holland is designed to nurture, from their health care system to biological supermarkets, and their vast forests to public roads, they provide all they can within reason to enable individuals to live their best lives. Everyone was expected to be active, to work, to exercise, to be accountable for their illnesses and especially those of their children. My daughter additionally had a skin condition (chronic urticaria and eczema) that needed constant caring and outbreaks could be triggered by diet, clothing and even emotion. Dutch doctors encouraged and taught me to listen to my instincts, and listen to her needs to overcome the outbreaks not with panic or dependant medication, but with care and a healthy life.

So when the day came that my husband told me we may be moving again, I began to acknowledge everything that I had taken for granted. In regards my body, mind and spirit, I knew I needed to build stronger foundations for my family that would last, wherever we would end up. As I said before, I personally do not believe in therapy or diets. I have always changed my life through “action”, whether it be exercise, communication or creation, and at this point I realised the only other variable open to me was to “learn”.

I began reading about holistic health, preventative medicine, food as medicine and everything I could about securing the health and happiness of our little family. This is when I came upon the Integrative Nutrition course, and their motto of “Improving the world’s health and happiness one health coach at a time“.

I remember one of the first classes I viewed and founder Joshua Rosenthal was talking about “synchronicity”, about how words, places and people that matched in your life were not “random”, but meant to be. I cannot agree with this more as I sit here typing this. Everything the course has touched upon- like bio-individuality, happiness as a state of being, and how a good diet is useless if the primary parts of your life are unfulfilled (like relationships, joy, career, etc)- all resonate with my current being.

I have always wanted to find work that involves food, love and helping people. Integrative Nutrition coaches are taught to support and mentor people to wellness with love, by examining their relationships, exercise, career, spirituality and joy before moving on to their individual dietary needs. This holistic approach supports the whole person, by addressing all their important parts.

They remind us in the course that the healing must start from the coach, so a big part so far has been making us “walk our talk”. The reason this course empowered me is because it centred on “me”, something that as a “mom” and a “wife”, I had forgotten about. Listening to my body, and learning that it has its own powers to heal through my belief and actions, was a very refreshing reminder.  This course has centred me in daily ways that are so simple, fed me in information that is pure nutrition, and healed me by showing me and sharing the power of love.

In life and in diet: We should always feed ourselves what we “love”.

The mission of the Integrative Nutrition movement (which the school is part of) is to play a crucial role in improving health and happiness, and through that create a ripple effect that transforms the world.

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