The most important ingredient: Love

There has been a few “since I…” sentences these past months. A slight change in mindset has led to a big change in lifestyle for me, as I recently took up a Health Coaching course from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (USA).

There are a lot of things that I have taken for granted in my life that is physical: from people to material belongings, my daily comforts reassure me. What I did not realise I also took for granted, and which I started to question as I navigated our little family on our journey, was our happiness and health.

Our body is amazing, life is amazing, but the more we are in the moment of enjoyment- the more we take for granted and forget we need to maintain it. There is a divide between those who are suffering (physically or mentally) and those who aren’t, and the idea of preventative health should be something that everyone makes the effort to practice if they value health and happiness.

Another thing I’ve learnt is that you cannot make anyone do anything they are not ready for. I was initially put on this journey as I was navigating through my daughters chronic urticaria, but I slowly began realising I was ready. I was at a point in my life where I felt my body having different needs, my life having different meanings, and thankfully I was still at a point where being preventative was possible.

In the past few weeks these are a few small things that have had led to big changes physically and spiritually for me:

  • Listening to those that I love, and agreeing with them.
  • Drinking more water
  • Making my bed
  • Eating less sugar
  • Eating more superfoods and superherbs
  • Eating less meat
  • Taking time to smell all nice things I come along
  • Walking in the park

I’ve always realised that going against the ageing process is not natural, our ageing and changing selves means changes in our physical and spiritual beings. And in the end- a lot of people fear change, apparently (according to Dr. Oz) it can be related to a fear of not being loved, how scary is that? But this fear should not be feared, change is good, and I believe the more change you can handle- the greater your life can be.

In our young lives we are taught we can decide what we eat, what we do and how we think- then we spend the rest of life being scared of what we want, question how we live, and are told what to eat by “professionals”. No wonder growing old became scary, my life at some point didn’t feel like my own.

Maybe my culture gives me an inherent disposition to eat what my ancestors did, maybe my health results show me what I should be aware of and eat less/more of: but in the end, it is me who decides what I put on my plate, and in my cup. It is also me who decides who I share my life with, how I live life, and finally- what I contribute to life.

I have taken the time in these past two years since my daughter was born to have time for me, and I have decided nobody knows me better than me. The wonderful thing I have realised is that I can change my life, and health and happiness is no longer a destination- it is more like an overfilling cup I can constantly add my love of life to.

In this world of far-too-many inflammatory diseases, heart/blood conditions, medicinal dependancies, sad souls and spiritual disorientation, it is reassuring to know that we can still take baby-steps back to our best selves, and from there become better selves.

I will be ready to coach in May 2018, and have a long way to go before graduation- however sharing is in my core, and I will be updating my journey as I learn.

Heath and Happiness coaching promotes preventative health and is based on holistic theories of healing, centred on the belief that your body knows how to heal itself. Taking into account diet, spirituality, activity and career, Integrative Nutrition follows that everyone inherently has their own balance and knowledge of how to better their lives with the all-essential “Vitamin L(ove)”.

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